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CEO Message

Many thanks for visiting our website.

I deeply appreciate all the customers for visiting SGI’s official website.

Over the last half a century, SGI has contributed greatly to vitalizing the national economy and developing the credit-based society by offering guarantee services both to corporations and individuals.

With an exposure of KRW 250.2 trillion as of the end of 2019, SGI has now become the leader in Korea’s guarantee and credit insurance market and the 3rd largest comprehensive guarantee insurer in the world. We are doing our best to support the economic activities of corporations and individuals with a diverse lineup of products including: (1) the performance bond which covers various types of contracts concluded among corporations; (2) the housing rent deposit credit insurance and the annual/monthly housing rent deposit loan credit insurance which intend to help stabilize housing for low-income population; (3) the fidelity bond which is required at the time of employment; (4) the mid-interest rate loan credit insurance which provides support for the mid-credit financial consumers; (5) the auto loan credit insurance which hedges the risk of non-repayment by auto loan borrowers; and (6) the counter guarantee bond which extends support for projects overseas.

In addition, SGI’s credit rating was upgraded to A+ by Standard & Poor’s in June 2017 following the credit rating upgrade by Fitch Ratings to AA- in March 2013. This indicates that SGI is a financial institution recognized globally for its high quality services and products.

To build further on the success achieved to date, we have established Hanoi Branch in Vietnam and representative offices in Beijing, Dubai and New York with the aim of expanding globally.

As a reliable credit partner, SGI is committed to serving customers with optimal products and services.

Thank you.

SangTaek Kim President and CEO

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