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CEO Profile

▣ Education

  • Graduated from Gunsan High School, Korea, 1982
  • BA in Economics, Seoul National University, Korea, 1986
  • MA in Public Administration, Seoul National University, Korea, 1988
  • PhD in Economics, University of Texas at Austin, USA, 1997



  • Apr. 1986
    Joined the Government
  • Apr.1987
    Deputy Director/Director, Economic Planning Board, Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE)
  • Sep. 2000
    Economist, Economics Department, OECD Secretariat, France
  • Aug. 2004
    Head of Industry Division, Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE)
  • Mar. 2006
    Head of Policy Coordination Division, Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE)
  • Apr. 2007
    Innovation and Personnel Officer, Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE)
  • Feb. 2008
    Minister-Counsellor for Economic Financial Affairs, Korean Embassy in China
  • Apr. 2011
    Deputy Director General, International Finance Bureau
    Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF)
  • Apr. 2013
    Director General, International Financial Cooperation Bureau
    Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF)
  • Jul. 2016
    Commissioner, Korea Financial Intelligence Unit (KoFIU)
    Financial Services Commission (FSC)
  • Feb.2017
    Standing Commissioner, Securities & Futures Commission (SFC)
    Financial Services Commission (FSC)
  • Nov. 2017
    First Senior Deputy Governor, Financial Supervisory Service (FSS)
  • Dec. 2020
    President & CEO of SGI
  • Jan. 2021
    President & Chairman of AGCIA

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